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Business Agent(Hiroyuki ANNO)




Hiroyuki ANNO
Entrepreneur, Manager and  Technician
English(Business level)

    Industory: Food,IT,Finance,Service
    IT(General or development)










    Personality: Flexible, No problem in different culture
    Execution/make things happen without giving up.


    Mr.ANNO is our most experienced business person. He has skills and experience  in developing new business model. 
    For the first meeting, it is totally free of charge.


    • June 2000 -   DELIGHT Corporation(As Founder and CEO)  
      • Entrepreneur
      • Player's Agent
      • Business Agent 
    • April 1994 – March 2000 ITOCHU Corporation(6 years)
      • IT systems management for huge enterprise.
      • Development of computer systems as SE and PG for client.
      • Organization of securities company as project member.
        Management of IT systems in the security company as only one engineer. Education to employee. Then start to work as sales person in the securities company to develop new bank/enterprise client.


    As Entrepreneur

    • Development of Player's Agent business.
      Now, one of most experienced player's agent in Japan. 
    • Development of chip timing service  in China and provided timing service for Beijing international marathon in 2003. Then provided Shanghai international marathon, Xiamen international marathon and many. 
    • Organization new marathon  event in Japan and got 1,000 runners in short marketing/registration period(one month).

    As corporate staff or for the client

    (main and recent project only)
    • 2015-2016 Business model change support for big systems integration company.
    • 2007-2013
      Project Management/Development in huge beverage company for 6 years in interactive marketing department (CRM Project, 12M Member,800M/Year Email to Member )
      -Plan/Development of Measurement Systems
      -Operation and Execution of Measurement and Daily/Monthly / Quarterly/Yearly Reporting for interactive marketing department and  sales promotion department / K & I(Knowledge and Insight) and BS.
    • 1995-1996  Development of work time management system(intranet) for client's company with many factory using IIS/perl/DB without any information in Japanese language just because too early and not matured in technical aspects.The systems was introduced and used  more than 5 factory in 1996.



     English  Japanese