LTS, Inc.  (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Hiroaki Kabashima / hereafter LTS) is pleased to announce its enhanced collaboration with DELIGHT Inc. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Hiroyuki Anno / hereafter DELIGHT), a provider of multilingual AI phone bots, in promoting DX for call centers. Through this framework, we will support the promotion of DX and the transition to smart cities across Japan.

Background of Enhanced Collaboration

LTS has been supporting many clients' projects aiming for effective utilization of various technologies in the rapidly growing CRM domain. From conceptualization to solution selection, PoC, implementation, and operational support, we can offer wide-ranging assistance through consultants and analysts. While LTS and DELIGHT had been advancing DX support in the business process & technology field, to address the ever-diversifying customer needs promptly and comprehensively, we decided to strengthen our collaboration with Delight, which combines a broad insight into advanced technology and strong engineering capabilities.

Future Prospects

Through this framework, Delight's strengths in CRM integration, reservation site linkage, AI technology, and IoT-related services will be made available to LTS clients. Expansion into AI and IoT domains is anticipated. Both companies will also strengthen their collaboration while sharing knowledge on E-commerce linkages, chatbot integrations, etc., striving to provide services and solutions that match current needs more widely and with greater value.

About Delight's Multilingual AI Phone Bot - "Delight Assistant" A B2B SaaS tailored for large call centers, it achieves both significant cost reduction 

and user satisfaction.

  • Reduces phone response waiting time to zero.
  • Realizes 24/7 call center operation at a reduced cost.
  • Modifies the processing flow based on customer attributes (e.g., for economy and business class customers of airlines).
  • Automates in coordination with other in-house systems, reducing manned responses, ensuring reliability during disasters.
  • Supports over 30 languages.

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Comment from Mr. Hiroyuki Anno, President of DELIGHT Inc.

Even today, where chatbots are common, there are still times when one ends up making a phone call. It's also common to get frustrated when calls don't connect due to peak times or personnel shortages. In companies where both operational efficiency and customer satisfaction are compromised, utilizing AI phone bots for automation or semi-automation is seen as a game-changer. We are pleased to enhance our collaboration with LTS, which boasts a wide range of achievements in the business process & technology domain. We hope you'll take a moment to experience its potential.


About DELIGHT Inc. A Japan-based startup aiming for global expansion with a single business line. It has been selected as a SELECT Portfolio Company, a special portfolio company of the world's largest pre-seed accelerator Founder Institute, originating from Silicon Valley. URL:

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