Founder Institute Japan 2022 cohort Graduation

Founder Institute Japan 2022 cohort Graduation

February 7 is the Graduation pitch for the Founder Institute (FI).
Mr. Anno,  our founder & CEO has been in the program since October 2022.
FI is a pre-seed accelerator that trains the foundation for the next stage of growth, and I believe the curriculum is the same around the world, so I don't think I will be joining another FI accelerator in another city after graduation.

Our Founder & CEO, Mr. Anno's comment:
"I have never been lived or studied abroad, and my pitch in English was not well trained.  I still managed to get by because I had international business experience elsewhere, but to be honest, it was very tough. About 100 companies applied, 22 were accepted, and 8 students from 7 companies eventually graduated after failing out or dropping out because they could not keep up.
Also, the colleague in the cohort are very important.

And even after we graduate successfully, the group of founders at FI will remain and regularly share the progress of our businesses with each other and move on.
FI will continue to support you as a portfolio company of FI with VIP events that only graduates are allowed to attend, and FI will continue to support you as a portfolio company of FI for your exit.


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