• White list
    Whitelist employees, existing customers, and others who do not want to hear voice guidance, and have their calls answered by a human without automatic response. Or, a function to change the response message for calls from specific people within the company.

  • Black list
    A feature that allows you to register blocked calls and unwanted calls to prevent them from being connected to your phone.

  • Improving the accuracy of recognizing waiting time in conversations
    In fact, AI voice recognition is good at fast speech. However, in actual messages, there are times when there are a few seconds of silence, such as when you are thinking while speaking! With the new version, the message will not be lost even if there are a few seconds of silence if we add special setting.
  • Standard Functions
    Set whether or not to accept answer messages and phone calls by using the "holiday", "day of the week", "time", and "general holiday" functions. These functions are useful for subsequent processes that require more manpower, such as receiving cancellations.
    The "day count" function is useful for calculating the start and end dates, which can be done faster than a human.

  • Custom Functions
    Custom functions for specific request from clients like company holiday or outbound call control functions.

    "Outbound call control" function
    It is possible to set the number of times to re-call every few minutes between what time and what time.

    It also supports time zone differences, translation, weather forecast at specific locations, and much more.

  • Post-processing
    Even if the caller hangs up in the middle of a message, the message can be processed afterwards without stopping there.
    The main use cases are
    1. sending e-mails even if the message is only halfway through, or
    2. registration of inquiry history through API integration
    and other subsequent processing is possible.

    Please contact us for details.

  • API
    Bidirectional API integration is possible.
  • EC Platform
  • Booking
  • Database
    Connect to a database to use the telephone voice to make references and changes.
  • Spredsheet
    Google spreadsheet / Office 365
    Connect to a spredsheet to use the telephone voice to make references and changes.

  • Mail / Message/ SMS
    Voice recognition of phone calls to send email, chat and SMS.