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We love Sports and trying to bring  good experience and knowledge to business world and daily life. We can continually improve issues by utilizing the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) cycle in sport like human management, technology, marketing and analytics.We are providing professional skills to save time for  Enterprise  or professional player  with very high IT skills like IT Company.   We have updated Current POC Poject( Proof Of Concept) in the following page.

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We are glad to announce Japan's first disposable Marathon Event bib is available on on July 26th, 2018. Runners need to put bib on chest and run on the race day. Then result is automatically measured.Available event is Monthly Kokyo Marathon(Imperial Palace Marathon, Tokyo) and others.Half Marathon               This bib has advantage for the following two point.1. Runners need to return timing chip to organizer after race.    Event organizer need to count returned chip that is time consuming. And need to pay JPY2,000 when...

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Our Corporate EC site grew by 143%+ year on year and hit highest in history.

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We are glad  to announce we have successfully finished helping timing operation in   in 8th Phnom Penh Half marathon.  

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 We are glad to announce we started Contact Center Integration  using Amazon Connect and  Service Page Related Information Amazon Connect and salesforce integreation Amazon Connect  

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